Two new models; one price. That’s right!

Alongside out trusty partner parks, we’ve been able to create an offer of £119,950 across our new 40’x20’ Brampton and Lamport models.

The Lamport
The Brampton

To make things a little clearer and to navigate the market easier, we’ve teamed up with over 20 parks to create an offer for our new Lamport residential park home and the Brampton holiday lodge. Each of these models is available at a turnkey price of £119,950.

This cost includes the transport and siting to any of the parks listed below and is the ‘turnkey’ price meaning this is the final cost of the home or lodge. We’ve taken the to and fro out of searching and comparing quotes and with the help of the parks listed below, are able to create a transparent and easy pricing structure for both the residential and leisure models.

‘Why haven’t you done this before?’ You might say. Well the answer is simple. Despite the parks below working with us, many will still stay true to their own pricing structures. So, without the help of the parks we work with none of this is possible. We’d like to say thank you to these parks for getting on board and trying something new which we hope will help you, our customers, to make decisions and understand the whole lodge/park home buying process a little better. To learn about the residential parks in more detail head over to our residential park finder service to explore your next potential move. Or if you're interested in a great place to go on holiday then use the leisure park finder service.


Please note that due to Government restrictions placed upon holiday and residential parks, you will not be able to view the plot in person until social distancing measures are relaxed. Holiday parks are currently closed with residential parks only open to those who already reside there permanently. Our partner parks will be able facilitate 'virtual viewings' via various methods; plot/site maps, video call, photos and images etc. Please speak to our team to obtain further information on plot options. 

£119,950 is the cost of the 40’x’20 Lamport or Brampton model. Optional external colours are included.

The definition of ‘turnkey’ refers to a home/lodge sited on a plot and connected to services, ready to move in. The definition of ‘turnkey’ may differ from park to park with regards to their turnkey package. Some parks may include landscaping, skirting, decking, car parking etc, others may not. Please contact Tingdene or the park in question for further information on what is included in each package.

Plots are up to the discretion of each park featured in the offer. 

Plot are only available on the parks listed. If you are interested in the above models on another park, please contact the sales team on 01933 230 130 or

Parks will charge ongoing costs for ground rent and utilities. Please check with the park for information on these costs and what is/isn’t included in your ground rent.

Some parks may have different T&C’s on pets, car parking, age restrictions etc. Please contact Tingdene or the park in question to obtain a copy for the park terms.